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TLC Entertainment
My 600-lb Life - 06:25 AM
'S3/E1 - Amber's Story'. At age 23 and over 270 kgs, Amber relies on her family even for simple needs. Her fear of dying young sends her 3 200 kilometres for weight-loss surgery.

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M-Net Movies Zone
Marshall The Miracle Dog - 05:15 AM
This family movie, shows that miracles do really happen. When a boy gets bullied at his new school, he finds himself feeling lonely till a relationship with a dog gives him hope.

Next: Healed By Grace - 07:00 AM

AfricaMagic Epic
Enyimba Part 2 - 06:19 AM
A village palm wine tapper falls for a deceitful woman and her evil ways however all efforts by his family to help him fails as he continues on the path of foolishness

Next: Blind Soul - 08:35 AM

Mzansi Wethu
Rat-Tat-Tat - 06:29 AM
'S1/E56 - 1/56'. The clever antelope and skunk are travelling through the country. They discover all sorts of interesting places and meet a lot of friends along the way.

Next: Dee Dee & Spike - 06:45 AM

Mzansi Bioskop
Kwanele - 06:00 AM
Sometimes, tough love is the only thing that can save a family. A loving grandmother is forced to send her grandchildren packing when their behaviour gets out of hand.

Next: Lokshin Bioskop: Peace Order - 06:55 AM

SuperSport Blitz
Sports Bulletin Around The Clock - 05:00 AM
Up-to-the minute news and reviews from around the sporting globe.

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My Little Pony - 06:30 AM
'S5/E2 - Cutie Map - Part 2'. The Mane 6's Cutie Marks are taken and they must find a way to get them back. When a deep dark secret is revealed about the pony who took them, they think they may have the answer.

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Disney Junior
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - 06:25 AM
'S1/E5 - Mickey Goes Fishing'. Goofy leaves his kitten at the clubhouse. It's a very fussy eater, and the pals use a variety of things such as binoculars and table tennis bats to try to catch the only fish it will eat.

Next: Goldie & Bear - 06:50 AM

Channel O
The Real A-list Top 10 - 06:00 AM
Mzansi's favourite personalities share their current Top 10 songs.

Next: Battle: Nadia Vs Moozlie Vs Gigi - 07:00 AM

Mzansi Magic Music
Hip Hop Classics - 06:00 AM
If 90s hip-hop is your thing, then this is your destination for the classics.

Next: House Rhythms - 07:00 AM

Kopano - 06:00 AM
'S3/E93 - 3/93'. We showcase multi-denominational events, conferences and church services across South Africa. Connect with the masses as they worship, pray and expound on the word of God with their church leaders.

Next: My Church Mix - 08:00 AM

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